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Poems & Witticisms by Art Weil

Lapping up Your Tale girl in black

Too late
No brainteasers please,
Just talk
Talk and talk
Step by anticipated step
Let me lick every exciting phrase
Let me travel in your dreams!
Let me know when you find yourself
I’ll be there again
Lapping up your tale

She was so gorgeous
that I became speechless,
lost my mind AND my wallet

Wooly White Clouds
  snow scene As wooly white crescent clouds
Deck the vast fabulous firmament above
Ever so slowly moving shape
So our thoughts and dreams never rest
Weave in and out like knitters’ stitches
Our grandiose hopes, wishes unending
So perfect, picturesque, descriptive
For our mind is like the moving clouds
Ever visualizing, dreaming
New fascinating shapes and colors like a kaleidoscope
Yet below, the patched landscape beckons
Everything eager
Draws us to it like a magnet
Farms, roads, citizens
Busy like a hive of busy bees
In and out of our beehives
Creative, using our ingenuity
Always building, searching, moving

To thy whim, To thy touch, tender loving isn’t much

  Liquid Monster    

I tossed a small oval pebble into the calm, wavy ocean
Concentric circles waves growing,
Almost like the sound of waves
            faster, foaming
Had the ripple effect
As of to wake up a giant monster beneath

As I listened to the chorus of war, war
In progressive, powerful notes louder and louder
Until a crescendo crashing, thrashing
Like boisterous boys, manic the waves
Guided into menacing, ever higher waves
Disastrous destruction, possession drowning
Recoil, diminish with a furious force
Take back into foamy ripples
Peaceful licking
            the moist, sandy brown beach
Gradually washing the corpses ashore


I hate to clean up, especially my own mess,
but there comes a time
when I have to face my own maturity

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